Three paths and two ways of participation that combine real and virtual, for a special edition to be experienced individually on the paths of the Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo (Belluno), 29 June 2020 – In recent days the organizing committee of the Transpelmo, trail running event that takes place in Val di Zoldo (Belluno), has communicated that, due to the health emergency linked to Covid-19 , the 2020 event, scheduled for September 6, is canceled. But summer will not pass without Transpelmo. The staff led by Andrea Cero and Eris Costa will propose Transpelmo 2020 Challenge & Emotion. It is an initiative that combines real and virtual and that will allow participants to experience fatigue and emotions on the paths of the Val di Zoldo. Such as? “Running around the Pelmo in the period from 15 July to 6 September, on the day and time that everyone will prefer,” explain the two organizers. «You can participate in Challenge mode, using Strava and comparing yourself with the other runners – at the end there will be a virtual ranking – or in Emotion mode, by downloading the gpx and the Road Book from the website and savoring the routes with greater tranquility, at the rhythm that everyone prefers and without rankings of any kind. For both modes of participation we invite runners to take photos or make short videos and then share them on Instagram or Facebook, with the hashtag #transpelmo and #transpelmoinfinity: there will be no prizes, the purpose of this “contest” of images is to share emotions while waiting to be able to relive them together on September 5, 2021 ».

For this 2021 dedicated to Challenge & Emotion, the organizing committee of Transpelmo has thought of three routes, all starting and finishing at the Palafavèra biathlon stadium. “In this crazy year, we are proposing madness,” explained Andrea Cero and Eris Costa again. «Next to the traditional route around the Pelmo, 16 kilometers of development and 1300 meters of positive difference in height that we have called Classic, we offer a Reloaded route of 13 kilometers of development and 1200 meters of positive difference in altitude that follows the Tivàn path, at the foot of Monte Civetta , path that has quite technical features, with some equipped passages. Finally, the third and most demanding track, the Infinity, 30 kilometers of development and 2500 meters in altitude given by the sum of Classic and Reloaded “,

All paths are to be covered in complete self-sufficiency and there will be no tracing nor any type of assistance. The GPS tracks and road books made available are only indicative, and before embarking on an exit, each person must thoroughly document himself on his own paths, the difficulties and the usability of the routes.

«This year, it is true, there will be no real competition but we believe that many participate in the race to live, as our slogan says,” always new emotions “given by the landscapes but also by sharing the adventure with other people »Conclude Cero and Costa. «Here, we believe that in this particular period we are experiencing, it is very important to share intense experiences, even if only virtually. We took action with this initiative that combines real and virtual and that wants to make us feel more alive and close than ever. We are also studying an event for September 6, the date on which the Transpelmo 2020 should have taken place, an event that we hope to materialize. Waiting, of course, to come back to see us again for the Transpelmo tradition in 2021 “.