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Transpelmo Skyrace - Feel New Emotions



A Unique experience in the Unique environment
of the CORE ZONE N ° 1 of the UNESCO Dolomites,
crossing the spectacular and impressive massif
of Monte Pelmo (3168m.)

Get ready for ever new emotions!



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The Golden Trail National Series circuit

Transpelmo is in the Golden Trail National Series by Salomon circuit.
Qualifying race for the Golden Trail World Series 2021 circuit and for the Grand Finale 2020 in the Azores.
Do not miss the opportunity to run one of the most exciting and iconic races nationally and to compare yourself with many of the best off-road running interpreters.

More info and rules on the site:

Mount Transpelmo

The mount Pelmo

This is, without a doubt, the icon that increases the spectacular nature of the race. Everything revolves around it.

The path will take you to admire it up close at 360 °, and it will be exciting to perceive its size, its majesty, its magic.

Like a huge rock fortress it emerges solitary from the green of the meadows and focuses its gaze from any angle.

In a few kilometers all the variety of dolomitic terrains are enclosed, from the woods, to the mountain prairies, up to the scree and the rock passages.

Who does not aspire only to performance, but decides to take an extra look, will be fascinated by the spectacular panoramas that range 360 ​​° over the peaks and valleys of the Dolomites.

Due to its particular shape reminiscent of a gigantic seat (seen from the South), it is called by the locals the “Caregon del Padreterno”, the throne of God. Legend has it that God, having completed the creation of the Dolomites, sat exhausted right on the Pelmo to admire his work.

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